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Best Diaper Bags For Boys

A best diaper bag for the boys are the perfect diaper bags. They surely will not be shy away from using this camouflage diaper bags. This camo diaper bag are specially designed for hip dads.

Style-Carry Bag

Diapers, baby toys, and feeding equipment are bulky accessories that require vast storage space during transportation. If you have a challenge transporting your own, this Style-Carry bag is a suitable replacement.

Perfect for outgoing dads and moms, it is large, light, and very easy to carry. Straps are thick and comfortable, while the rip-proof 420D nylon used to make it is waterproof.

If you venture on numerous trips with your child, therefore, expect a memorable time with this backpack in your possession. It is affordable and has a multi-compartment design (15 pockets) with a dedicated laptop compartment and insulated bottle bags. More at

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag, Camouflage

Say goodbye to the flowery diaper bags and say hello to this cool and stylish Diaper Dude Diaper Bag Camouflage. This is not your average diaper bag. It is designed with dad in mind. It is a cool, hip, funky diaper bag that comes complete with changing pads on the go.

This diaper bag will surely won’t shy a dad away from. This diaper dude bags have enough space to hold those essentials needed for a day out with dad.

Boken Every Day Bag

The Boken Every Day Bag went from dark horse to Best Value in our dad diaper bag round-up at a list of $68. Compact and lightweight, it performs better than expected. It can MacGuyver quickly and easily from a shoulder bag to a messenger bag to a backpack.

What this little gem may lack in accessories, it makes up for in versatility and organization. Available in a many colors, this is a perfect “go” bag for dad and baby.

Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack, Real Tree AP Camouflage

This award winning Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack was designed by active parents and it shows with the bag. This ergonomically designed, hands-free product out packs the competition and features 4 gear bags in 1.

This backpack multi tasks as well as you do and in a favorite for parents who travel. It has become a favorite with Hollywood and set new track records for efficiency at NASCAR. The revolutionary hands-free performer combines superior construction with high tech innovation.

It provides a one-stop storage solutions for everything from food and diapers to medicine and gear for the most active of families.

Ferlin Grey-0726

Combining style and functionality in an affordable package, Ferlin Grey-0726 is an ideal diaper bag for men. Measuring 18 x 14 x 5-inches, its spacious design fits various baby accessories.

Compartments are diverse and functional while its waterproof fabric appeals to most on-the-go dads. It deflects water well without logging, ripping, and or weakening over time. With this bag, buyers receive a free 25.7 x 14.2-inch changing pad, a 185-day warranty, and a 50-day exchange warranty.

A diaper bag is more than just a bag to carry your kid’s stuff in. It serves a specific purpose. You have to think of it as a supply cabinet for all the things you will or even might need for your baby (and yourself) when you leave the house. For detailed information about choosing the perfect bag for dad’s needs, take a peek at How to Select the Right Diaper Bag for boys.

Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Right backpack diaper bags may spare you lot of headaches when you go out with your baby. Changing diapers when you are not at home are not always easy, so the great bag will help you a lot assuring you took everything you need and keeping it well organized for easy-access. What also makes the choice difficult is the fact there are thousands of diaper bags on the market today with endless possibilities.

There are plenty of different colors, limitless carrying options diaper bags for first time moms and diaper bags made for moms of multiples. So which one to choose? Where to begin? Before you start searching, have one thing on your mind: there is no perfect diaper bag, but there is one perfect diaper bag for every individual mom!

It is not matter if it came to emergency diaper change or a weekend at Grandma’s. What it really does matter is that diaper bag fits everything you’ll need to take care of your baby. Don’t forget to plan space for your own things, because you’ll need it everywhere you go when you become a mom. What are usual things you carry with you?

Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Having a good diaper bag handy is a necessity during your child’s first few years. They are the ideal solution to all those spills, leaks, and accidents that occur whenever you and baby are out and about. Diaper bags come in a variety of shapes and styles; but if you’re after the best backpack diaper bag then we’ve got you covered.

Our complete buying guide will help you decide which backpack diaper bag is right for you. We’ll discuss important points to look for, and provide a detailed review of our top three choices. It’s never been easier to find a bag that not only holds all your gear, but also fits your style and budget.

Types of Diaper Bags: Pros & Cons

diaper bag backpack


Backpack is the newest type of diaper bag on the market. This type of diaper bag allows you to lug around baby gear and helping you in the same time to have free hands to carry the baby and do many other important things.

When looking at backpack it will see no difference in comparison to a regular one. The things change when you open a backpack. A lot of pockets! Some of them are special made to make you easy access, too. Depending on quantity of stuff you put inside it, diaper bag can quickly get heavy.


Messenger bags are also called sling or satchel diaper bags. This type of diaper bag is flat, stylish, and hangs off carrier’s shoulder. Its major advantage is that you don’t need to take the bag off in order to retrieve diapers of baby wipes from inside. If you pay attention to fashion then this is the best choice for you. These bags can be found in a huge variety of styles and patterns.


Totes are the bulkiest diaper bags (that’s without even stuffing your baby gear inside), These diaper bags provide organized and roomy solution when it comes to taking baby’s gear with you when you travel. In the same time, this is the most popular type of diaper bags on the market. That is why they are available in many different designs and are very popular among parents.

Stroller Handlebar Bags

Stroller Handler Bags are pretty bad solution. It attaches directly to your baby’s stroller. This type of diaper bags can be very safe when are used correctly. It requires attention to detail. Bag’s safety depends on two things:

1.The weight of the diaper bag– you can forget carrying 50 pounds of baby gear in a stroller diaper bag

2.The weight of your stroller– The heavier your stroller, the more weight it will take to tip it.

Stroller diaper bags are not suitable for everyone. In a case you are the person that likes a little more storage and has excellent understanding for the above two conditions, then the stroller is the right solution for you. More at

1. Orgrimmar Diaper Tote Bags

small diaper backpack

This Diaper Tote by Orgrimmar is a favorite because it’s spacious and affordable.

We like that Orgrimmar’s bag provides enough storage for our everyday baby items as well as personal needs. The side zippered pocket contains four smaller pockets suitable for keys and hand sanitizer. A decent-sized insulated pocket is on the other side; its the perfect size for a bottle, juice box, or other small snack.

The ample main storage compartment can be used with or without the included organizer. There’s an internal pocket capable of holding a changing pad. Its wide bottom and slightly tapered top helps the diaper tote bag feel larger than it looks.

The Diaper Tote’s sturdy nylon construction is especially easy to maintain. All you have to do is wipe it down with a damp rag or sponge. It naturally resists stains so it stays clean.

Carrying the Diaper Tote is comfortable whether holding it on your arm or wearing it as a backpack because of padding on its straps and back. The even pressure on our shoulders meant we didn’t feel overloaded. Even when full of essentials this bag doesn’t weigh you down or leave welts on your shoulders.

We can see Diaper Tote by Orgrimmar being your go-to baby accessory. It’s got everything you need at a price that can’t be beat.

2.Sleepin Lamb Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

best backpack diaper bag for travel

The Sleeping Lamb Travel Diaper Bag will haul your baby essentials without screaming “Mr. Mom!”. This slick looking bag may just be among the few baby accessories that turn heads.

It’s got everything that Moms love – 16 compartments, an included changing mat and those all important stroller straps.

The padded, breathable straps help keep things comfortable when fully-loaded.  It includes four insulated bottle holders and many other compartments and pockets.

Made of water-resistant polyester, it might not be able to handle thunderstorms, but it’s great for protecting your gear from spills and accidents. It also means it wipes clean very easily.

This travel diaper bag is also available in blue polka dots and a flower print if you want a bit more color!

The only concern I have is the zips are rear facing. Personally, I don’t take bags like these to crowded areas as they are easy to open from behind.

3.Diaper Bag Backpack (With Stroller Straps)

travel diaper bag backpack

If you need a tough diaper bag that can withstand high and low temperatures, the elements, and still has plenty of space to fit all of your baby’s things with room for yours, this is the bag for you. Noted for its durability, quality, and versatility, this is a thick, well-made bag that can handle whatever you throw at it.

Insulated compartments mean that your drinks stay cool and the rest of the bag stays dry. There are many compartments and pockets for everything you need, and a very roomy main compartment that can hold lots of diapers, clothes, and any additional accessories, (even shoes).

Tough zippers assure they won’t come off at a moment’s notice, which is essential when retrieving and securing any items. Lightweight yet strong means this bag is also great for travel. Several different carrying straps, as well as two strong and adjustable stroller straps make it easy to keep in tow.

4.Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack

The Be Right Back from luxury brand Ju-Ju-Be is as functional as it is fashionable.

With its higher price tag we expected the Be Right Back to have added amenities. And in that respect, Ju-Ju-Be delivered. We found metal hardware instead of plastic, and a memory foam changing pad instead of the typical flimsy mat. Its outer fabric is treated with Teflon that will repeal just about any substance. Its inner linings are treated to resist mold and mildew growth.

It also has a couple design features we were surprised to find. It can open flat for those times you don’t want to dig through everything. The padded shoulder straps ergonomically curved which is supposed to feel better when the bag is carried.

As for storage, well, we weren’t disappointed there either. Ju-Ju-Be’s Be Right Back is about the size of your traditional backpack and has lots of specialized storage areas.

It starts with four main pockets- two on the inside of the bag, and two outside- and five zippered pockets. One of those side zipper pockets is supposed to be used specifically for the changing pad. That’s a really smart and convenient option because it’s super easy to get to when you’re in a rush.

Ju-Ju-Be includes an additional Mommy Pocket to the Be Right Back that takes the place of having to carry a purse.

The Be Right Back is certainly one of the best backpack diaper bags on the market but its hefty price tag may be a turn-off for some parents.

5.Gotham Smart Organizer System Backpack Diaper Bag

This affordable bag rates among the highest in economical pricing and reliability. A grab-and-go bag that offers multiple carrying methods (shoulder and tote), the Graco diaper backpack is perfect for a parent on a budget that still wants quality.

A large and secure exterior wipe pouch allows for quick access to clean up spills and diapering needs without having to unpack the entire bag. A removable changing pad keeps baby dry and separated from the changing surface, returning to the external pouch, keeping the rest of the diaper bag contents germ-free.

Insulation means your drinks stay cool, and mildew-resistant fabric ensures that the bag remains odor-free as time goes on. . Venting on the shoulder pads and sides allows air circulation throughout the bag, so nothing overheats on a hot day.

Zippered pockets keep keys, wallets, and phones safe. The bag is large, allowing for lots of storage. If your tastes are simpler, this may be the bag for you.

6.DadGear Backpack

This diaper bag by DadGear hides its awesomeness behind a mundane exterior.

DadGear does diaper bags a bit differently than other companies. You won’t find bright colors and childlike designs on any of their products. Instead, their focus is neutrality so that anyone can carry their bag.

With that said, the Dad Gear bag does a really good job of being a diaper bag…Even if it doesn’t strictly look like one.

It’s large and sturdy, consisting of three large main pockets. Inside those pockets are deep mesh compartments that can hold up to four bottles. There’s enough room to comfortably carry extra clothes, snacks, and accessories.

DadGear makes it easy to quickly change diapers by keeping the important items easy to reach. The Diaper Hammock at the top off the pack makes diapers easy to find. And a specially shaped window in the lower front of the bag holds most brands of baby wipes so they’re always handy.

DadGear gives us the best backpack diaper bag for those parents who want quality within a more subdued package.

OiOi Studded Leather Hobo Diaper Bag

Top Designer Diaper Bags

In this review feature, we check out some of the best diaper bags for active parents. Some are simply handle carry bags and others are designed like backpacks. You may have thought you were done with backpacks after highschool or college, but it just so happens that they make one of the most useful pieces of baby gear for new parents. From ages 0 to around 3 the diaper changing cycle will be a big part of the daily routine.

Another alternative? Buy a handbag you love and convert it into designer diaper bag that you can use for much longer than the baby years. “If you want to have a designer diaper bag, buy an organizer that holds diapers and wipes and put it inside a designer bag you already own,” shares Anna Lane, the creator of Misadventures in Motherhood. “You use a diaper bag for such a short amount of time that it seems silly to spend so much money on a bag that you’re not going to use as a regular purse in the future.”

1.The Nanny Diaper Bag by Jamah

We’re kicking off our diaper bag indulgence with one that has been spotted among the stars. Jessica Alba sports The Nanny in this exact buttercup shade when she’s lugging baby girl Honor around Los Angeles. But don’t forget celeb dads. Guess who else isn’t ashamed to be seen with this lightweight Italian leather diaper bag: Brad Pitt!

2.Handbag Diaper Bags

Handbag Diaper Bags
Handbag Diaper Bags

There are two subcategories of diaper bags that are styled like handbags. These type of diaper bags you carry just like you would a purse and are marketed towards women. They usually have a strap on other side, possibly a zipper which both contribute to helping things stay put when your on the move.

Tote type bags also fall into this category. The majority of these bags have the ability to be carried in the over-the-shoulder style as well. There are two broad classifications of handbag diaper bags:

Standard: Your run of the mill diaper bag or tote, these feature a large center storage area usually flanked by some handy pockets secured with zippers or buttons.

Designer: Just like purses, diaper bags have developed their own premier and trendy brands and designs. You’re not just paying for the functionality of a diaper bag in this category. For designer diaper bags, you pay a premium on the look.

Most of the time you also get something more high quality that lasts longer too, but that is not always the case. If you want a stylish diaper bag, you may want to peruse through the options in this category.

3.Timi & Leslie CJ Satchel Diaper Bag

Timi & Leslie CJ Satchel Diaper Bag
Timi & Leslie CJ Satchel Diaper Bag

The patent leather Timi & Leslie CJ Satchel diaper bag has a hint of retro glam. Two chain straps on the shoulders are a stylish way to carry this bag, but if you need a little more security, a detachable cross-shoulder strap is also included.

The bag interior has plenty of space for diapers and baby wardrobe changes, and elasticized pockets line the interior so you can organize your supplies. I love the included, matching wristlet clutch that holds mom’s essentials. Stroller straps, a changing pad and an insulated bottle bag are also included with this diaper bag, so you’re fully coordinated when you’re on the go. More at

4.Mia Bossi Audrey in Sand

Mia Bossi Audrey in Sand
Mia Bossi Audrey in Sand

Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to carry an Italian leather diaper bag with snake skin trim. The Audrey in Sand keeps up with J.Lo’s twins — along with her A-list celebrity status.

5.OiOi Studded Leather Hobo Diaper Bag

OiOi Studded Leather Hobo Diaper Bag
OiOi Studded Leather Hobo Diaper Bag

This distressed faux leather diaper bag from OiOi has en edgy look thanks to the contrasting metal studs that run down the sides. Two elasticized pockets on the exterior carry drinks or your other must-haves for easy access.

A bottle tote, changing pad, stroller straps, and cross-shoulder strap are included. The top of this diaper bag opens really wide so you can see all the way to the bottom, even when it’s loaded with baby supplies.

6.Maria Blue Moon Diaper Bag by Mia Bossi

Who carries Mia Bossi bags? Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, Madonna and Tori Spelling all worship the genuine Italian distressed leather and faux fur changing pad that make this line fit for the stars

During the course of this baby gear review, we will talk about why the best backpack diaper bags are worth your money. First, we feature our comparison chart in the section below. We’ll take a look at an overview of the types of diaper bags and discuss the benefits.

In our review section, we provide our readers with backpack diaper bag reviews. Following that is our selection guide, where you’ll see the most important features you may want before making a final purchase. More at